Social Studies 7

Monday, 11/11/19:  NO Homework.

Tuesday, 11/12/93: Study the geogrpahy outline of US. Whoever received below a 75% (D)  on their test, please be sure to get test signed and returned to me.

Wednesday, 11/13/19: Go over Ch. 2 secion 1 notes; study US geography. REMEMBER to bring in all research work done thus far on both individual and group MD projects.

Thursday, 11/14/19: Geography quiz on Monday; Why columbus Day is a thing essay due Monday.

Monday, 11.18/19: SW#5, last page

Tuesday, 11/19/19: Online textbooks, ch.2, Student resources, Guided Reading workbook, sections 1 and 2 -print and do all except for last part of section 2.

Wednesday, 11/20/19: Know Ch. 2, sections 1-3.

Thursday, 11/21/19: 

  • Social Studies- SW #6, p.1 read, highlight Drake. . .; pp. 2-3, read highlight Early French and English explorers
  • MD - Have tentative thesis statements for both individual and group work and 3 individual project Evaluating Research Checklist. You have been working on this with both Mrs. Gagnon and myself in class, so this is due Monday, 11/25.

Monday, 11/25/19: Complete reading, notes from History Channel site and review map of European explorations.

PARENTS, FYI   Multicultural Day has been postponed until May. Because the 7th grade is already deeply into their research, they will continue working on their projects. A checklist of materials and due dates will be posted on this website shortly.

Tuesday, 11/26/19: Know map and explorers

Wednesday, 11/27/19:

  • Study for postponed quiz on map and explorers for Monday, 12/2. 
  • You have been given a Multicultural check list of due dates. This check list has also been added to this website as MD Checklist docx. If you lose the original, please refer to this list.
  • Welcome Back cards for Mrs. Polidoro

Monday, 12/2/19: No homework becausse of quiz.

Tuesday, 12/3/2019: Ch. 2, Student Resources, Guided Reading workbook, sec. 5 - print, do. Also, print out Ch. 3. REMINDER: MCD worklist materials for Thursday.

Wednesday, 12/4/19: Due Monday, 12/9 - Equiano ques./ ans. paper - typed. Be sure to include primary sources.

Thursday, 12/5/19: Study map of colonies; IXL JJ 2-4 (by Tuesday)

Monday, 12/9/19: study map of colonies, eActivity - Animated Geography and History - Jamestown and Roanoke (You do not have to do the last slide #4; read and highlight SW #8 Jamestown found on the top of pp.2-3.

I apologize for not posting yesterday's homework, but my Internet was down.

Wednesday, 12/11/19: Ch. 3, Student Resources, Section 1 of Guided Reading Worksbook

Thursday, 12/12/19: Quiz on Southern colonies on Monday; IXL JJ 9-10