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Social Studies 7: US History


Besides their regular Social Studies class, I have the 7th grade for an additional period once a week. My goal is to devote one semester to world geography and the other to civics.


Communication:   Please know that it is my priority to ensure that each student has adequate assistance and ample opportunity to succeed. Communication between parents, students and teachers is essential in education. If you ever have any questions I may be contacted in a variety of ways – a note, calling the school, 973-423-1818 or my email .

Social Studies:     Throughout the U.S. History course, in class, students will be using their chromebooks to access the  Holt Social Studies: United States History ebook  (URL: my.hrw.com). It offers textbook pages, workbook pages, multimedia activities, reference and writing aids and enrichment activities which will enliven the study of history. Students will also have access to  Jr. Scholastic  (both digital and hard copies) and use of the digital version of  The Record   newspaper.  It would be advisable to have a computer, with Internet access, and a printer at home.There will be times your child will have to print notes from the website or a workbook page/activity from the ebook for homework. 


  • open communication and cooperation between parents, students teacher
  • mutual respect
  • students working to ability; neat and legible work handed in on time
  • teacher ably facilitating learning; knowledge of subject matter
  • students and teacher prepared for class
  • parents reading and returning notices promptly and abiding by the handbook

Extra Help/Extra Credit:  Extra help will be on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings beginning at 7:30 a.m. There is  no extra credit.

Assessments:    Lessons are provided in a variety of ways - instructing/directing/guiding students. Feedback may also be achieved in a variety of ways. Sometimes it will be the "traditional" test/quiz/project, other times students will be asked to analyze and synthesize information found in DBQ's (Document Based Questions), use graphic organizers etc.

Assessments are important indicators as to how well a student has grasped the information and can analyze and apply what has been learned. In implementing the Common Core Standards and in trying to reach every child and have him/her succeed, assessments will vary.

Students will be reading more non-fiction, will be able to cite evidence to back claims and become fluent in domain-specific vocabulary. Critical thinking and concept mastery are key to preparing the student for high school and beyond.

I would very much like your child to develop a strong understanding and appreciation of history and develop thinking skills that support the ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, solve real life problems and become responsible citizens . . . . and have fun doing so.


Due Tuesday, Marcch 18: Women's History Day poster

Tuesday, March 11: Study notes on Legislative branch of the government

Thursday, 3/14: Study notes on Executive Branch for a quiz next week; IXL - CC1-3, CC5