Jr. High Social Studies
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Social Studies 6
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Social Studies 6

Monday, 11/11/19: Complete Time Zone worksheet.

Tuesday, 11/12/19: US Time zone papers.

Wednesday, 11/13/19: Time Zone Test tomorrow.

Thursday, 11/14/19: No homework

Monday, 11/18/19: Define words/terms from class.

Tuesday, 11/19/19: Define additional vocabulary words; check latitude and longitude from SW; study definitions.

Wednesday, 11/20/19: Know the vocabulary definitions.

Thursday, 11/21/19: SW #2, read, highlight top of pp.2-3.

Monday, 11/25/19: SW #3 complete reading and highlighting Earliest Humans, p. 1, then read and highlight Prehistoric Humans, pp.2-3

Wednesday, 11/27/19: Go over the first page of notes from Ch. 2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Monday, 12/2/19: Ch. 2, section 3 - re-read what we read in class. Answer questions 1a, b and 2a,b on p. 43 Section Assessment on loose leaf.

Tuesday, 12/3,2019: Study notes on agriculture and characteristics of civilizations.

Wednesday, 12/4/19: Study Ancient River Valley Civilizations map. Print Ch. 3 and know characteristics of a civilization. 

Thursday, 12/5/19: Study and know map; IXL, A-1

Monday, 12/9/19: SW #4 read and highlight bottoms of pp. 1-3

I apologize for not posting yesterday's homework, but my Internet was down.

Wednesday, 12/11/19: Look over notes, Ch. 3, sections 2-3

12/12/19: IXL B-1; Begin studying for test on Mesopotamia next Wednesday, 12/18.

Monday, 12/16/19: SW, #5&9, read, highlight top of pp.2-3. Test on Wednesday. PRINT CH. 4 BY JANUARY 2, 2020.

Wednesday, 12/18/19: No homework because of test. I will not have you for class tomorrow, so have a very merry Christmas!

Thursday, 1/2/20: Paraphrasing the Nile River worksheet

Monday, 1/6/2020: SW #6 - Read and highlight all of p. 1 and top of p. 2. Study notes.

Tuesday, 1/7/2020: Review notes, sections I and II; Complete reading and highlighting p.1 of SW#7.

Wednesday, 1/8/2020:

  • Ch. 4, Student Resources, Section Resources, print and do sections 2 and 3. Due tomorrow.  On Section 2, p. 33, you need to write only one descriptive phrase , not two and not two adjectives.
  • IXL C, 1-2 due Monday, 1/13

​Thursday, 1/9/2020:

​Monday, 1/13 - Thursday, 1/16: Study for exams. Print Ch. 5 Ancient India for Tuesday, 1/21.