Jr. High Social Studies
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Social Studies 6


Thusday, 1/23: Martin Luther King, Jr. - either essay on a topic you are passionate about or worksheet. Due Monday, 1/27

Monday, 1/27: Study and know Ch. 5, Section I.

Tuesday, 1/28:

  • SW #13, read and highlight, p. 2, the Arya and Hinduism
  • IXL E-1 due by Saturday (I will check it over the weekend.)

​Wednesday, 1/29:

  • Final copy of MLK "I Have a Dream" due tomorrow. Type final copy following the format I gave you. Use New Times Roman, size 12 font, double-space
  • Ch. 5, Student Resources, Section Resources 1 and 2. I changed the due date to Friday, 1/31.  Put work in my mailbox

Thursday, 1/30:

  • Worksheet assigned yesterday are due tomorrowl
  • IXL H 4-5 is due next Friday, 2/7.

​Monday, 2/3: Study for a quiz tomorrow on Ch. 5, sections 1 and 2. Go over Buddhism notes, and pp. 138-139.

Tuesday, 2/4: No specific assignment because of quiz taken today. You may want to work on your IXL which is due Friday.

Wednesday, 2/5:

  • Go over notes for section IV.
  • Complete reading and highlighting article on Gandhi.
  • You will be having a test on Ancient India next Wednesday, 2/12.

​Thursday, 2/5: Read pp. 147-151. Section 5 Assessment - answer #1a, 3a and b. Study section 5 notes. TEST ON aNCIENT INDIA NEXT WEEK, WEDNESDAY, 2/12.

Monday, 2/10: Fill in the 5 major Religions chart. REMINDER: tEST ON ANCIENT iNDIA WILL BBE ON THURSDAY, NOT WEDNESDAY.

Tuesday, 2/11:

  • 5 Major Religions chart has been shared; print it out.
  • Google "How Islam Began in 10 Minutes" video; take notes

​Wednesday, 2/12: Study for test on India. Print Ch. 6 China by Monday.

Thursday, 12/13: View video "Journals Through History Ancient China Contributions to the World;" take notes. Due Tuesday, 2/18.


Tuesday, 2/18: Study 5 religions chart for test on Thursday. Review pp. 2-3 of Studies Weekly #20

Wednesday, 2/19: study for test tomorrow.

Thursday, 2/20: Map of China - follow directions in labeling the map. Due Monday, 2/24.

Monday, 2/24: Study map of China and Southeastern Asia. You will be having a quiz later in the week.

Tuesday, 2/25: Study map and notes on China.

Wednesday, 2/26: Find out how many languages are spoken in the world. Some owe me signed tests - Ancient India and/or World Religion

Thursday, 2/27: Online textbook, Ch. 6, Student Resources, Section Resources, Section 1 and 3 - Print and answer questions. SW #14, top of p. 2, read, highlight.


  • 3/6 - D1-2
  • 3/13 - D3-4
  • 3/20 - D5-6
  • 3/27 - G1-2

​Monday, 3/2: Read article on Emperor Qin, then compose 5 good (not silly, nor unimportant) questions from the article. Include answers. BE SURE TO CHECK IXL SCHEDULE ABOVE. 

Tuesday, 3/3: Know information on Emperor Qin; you will be having a quiz next week.

Wednesday, 3/4: Read and highlight article on Genghis Khan. Study notes.

Thursday, 3/5:

  • Remember IXL work due tomorrow
  • Silk Road, read, highlight and do map of Silk Road. Due Monday
  • Ch. 6 Online textbook, eActivities - scroll down to Multimedia. View Slides #16-17 (Mongol Empire and Marco Polo). Due Monday

​Monday, 3/9: Ch. 6 notes - know information up to the Ming Dynasty. You will be having a quiz this week.

Tuesday, 3/10: Study for quiz. Remember IXL work due Friday.

Wednesday, 3/11: SW #14-read,highlight all of page 3 articles. ALSO, those who owe me a signed map, it must be in by tomorrow or you will receive a detention.

Thursday, 3/12: Ch. 14 - Student Resources, Section Resources > Section 4; Enrichment Activities - Biography > Genghis Khan and Zheng He. Due Monday.


  • 4/3: I-1
  • 4/10: I-2
  • 4/17: I 3-4
  • 4/24: I-5